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Pawn my car and still drive Germiston offer the best pawn services in Germiston. We are here to assist you with helping you get instant cash on pawning your car. We have been in operations for over 15 years and have built a successful pawn business. We will assist you with getting that cash you need. We offer a professional, reliable and honest service to all our customers. We have a team of professional pawn brokers that will assist you and guide you in the process of pawning your car. You will need to come into us with your car and we will have one of our professional and highly trained evaluators to evaluate your car for you. In order to qualify for the loan we will ask for a few forms to be filled out. It is important that you bring your car papers with so that once the loan has been approved we will have to change the title owner into our name. We cannot assist a person with a loan if the name does not correspond to the person that is looking for the loan. Both car papers and ID needs to be exactly the same. To get more information about pawning an item your can click on the following link

Pawn my car and still drive Germiston

You car will become our collateral and shall payment be failed to be made then the car, which is already in our name will then belong to.  We do pawn cars and let you still drive it, its just that the car will not be in your name until the loan is fully paid up.  There will be a set time on how long you have to pay the loan back. Pawn my car and still drive Germiston  are professionals is what we do and promise to only advise on the best options and advise on how much you qualify to loan. Your make and model of car does determine the amount that you are allowed to loan. There will be agreements that you will need to sign before getting the loan.

Pawn my car and still drive Germiston

Once your loan is paid up you can the transfer the papers back into your name. We will be the owners of the car while you are paying the loan back. We will always make sure that the service that you receive from us is professional and honest and that you helped in the professional manner as we do with all our clients. Pawn my car and still drive in Germiston want to help you with getting that instant cash you need in a hurry. Making sure our clients are well taken care of is very important to us as we want to build a long lasting relationship with our clients, knowing that they can rely and trust us when pawing their car.  Come in Pawn My Car And Still Drive Germiston today to get that loan that you need urgently.